Wikkelä Villa

Wikkelä Villa is located by the Simojoki river in Ranua, about 17 km from the Ranua Zoo. The large windows and glass doors of the villa let in abundant natural light, and in the evening you might see the dance of the northern lights while sitting comfortably in front of the living room fireplace.

Wikkelä has three two-person bedrooms and a loft with two more beds. The villa has a wide variety of modern amenities and its kitchen is well-equipped for all kinds of cooking.

Wikkelä has an indoor sauna with an electric heater and a traditional beach sauna with a wood-burning stove. There is also a nice hot tub on the covered deck.

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For those looking for peace and quiet we have a secret hiding place by the Simojoki river, only 18 km from the Ranua center. The main building of Hommala is a two-storey wooden house that can easily accommodate up to 13 people. Perfect for birthday parties and other similar gatherings!

Close to the location are the famous cloudberry mires of Ranua, for those interested in berry picking. Only two kilometers away is an official snowmobile route that connects to different routes all over Northern Finland during the winter.

In addition to the main building there is also a detached garage and a lovely sauna right by the river.

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Haistila was built in the 1970s and it’s located close to the Simojoki river, about 18 km from the Ranua center. The three bedroom apartment has beds for nine people and two high-quality sofa-beds for three more people.

This house has stylish interior, modern conveniences, great shower and sauna facilities and a well-equipped kitchen, guaranteeing that you’ll be happy to stay here as long as you can.

The Ranua Zoo is located only 15 km from the location, and the distance to the Simojoki river is about 500 meters.

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As the name implies, Rovakatu is located on the Rovakatu street, right in the center of Rovaniemi. This third floor apartment is open, cozy and beautifully decorated. The wide variety of high-quality appliances and amenities available is sure to bring some luxury to your vacation.

The apartment has two bedrooms with comfortable beds for six people. There are also two high-quality sofa-beds for four more people.

The ace in Rovakatu’s sleeve is its location: all the best services, shopping centers and entertainment is only a few steps away from the front door!

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A spacious and cozy apartment in the center of Ranua that can accommodate up to five guests! This approximately 70-square-meter apartment is a perfect choice for your vacation. Two bedrooms, a spacious living room, and a well-equipped kitchen ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay. And best of all, you can enjoy your own sauna and cool off on the large back terrace, where you might even see the northern lights.

The recently renovated apartment is in the center of Ranua and just four kilometers away from the stunning Ranua Wildlife Park.

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